What no one tells you about moving abroad


So you’ve decided to kick the bucket, pack your bags and leave for greener pastures but before you say “see ya laters”, here are a few things you should know first:

Distance matters – no matter how quick you can catch a flight
Believing home is just a plane ride away may help your decision to move abroad; however, you should factor in how far you’re going and how expensive airfare is.

There is a lot of paperwork
Getting a visa is time consuming and can be quite expensive. Make sure you set aside time to fill it in properly and read over your answers before you click send. It will all be worth it when you get that letter in the post though.

Time zones
Different time zones mean you can’t just simply pick up your phone and call your mum when you like. Depending on where you are your family may be asleep while you are awake, so schedule your calls in.

Life at home will move on
While you start a new life abroad don’t just assume everything at home will stay the same. Your friends will still go out without you and social media can be a cruel reminder. However, before you get too downhearted remember that you too have moved on to a new life.