What if your last text went on your headstone?: Twitter is in stitches

Every now and again, a Twitter thread comes along that forces us into a loud fit of snort laughing while sitting beside a stranger on a packed commuter bus. 

This my friends, is one of those. 

Taking to the social network site, Twitter user Dan McDaid, hypothetically speaking, shared that if his last text message was to be written on his gravestone, it would read "I'll be up shortly" – which is most both optimistic and creepy in equal measures. 

He then asked his followers to reveal there last text messages, and well, the results were hilarious to say the least. 

Go on, give it a go! 

In a rather sombre twist mine reads, "my heart just broke". 

For the record, I was referring to a sad post I saw on Facebook, and not a serious medical problem – though it fits quite nicely.