What have the One Direction lads done to upset Olly Murs?


Olly Murs has hinted that the One Direction lads have gotten a bit too big for their boots!

The singer said Harry, Niall and the boys are always “too busy” to come to his barbecues, even though he keeps inviting them.

Olly said, “I always invite the 1D boys to my BBQs, but they’re too busy.”

Olly is ‘stumped’ as to why the lads can’t take him up on at least one of his invites.

We’ll say yes Olly!

While 1D may be drifting apart from their pop star pal, they had to get mega close with supergroup McBusted after they were forced to share a dressing room on tour.

McBusted star Matt Willis recently said, ”I think Niall [Horan] was a bit fascinated about how we’re all in the same dressing room. How we’d fit!”

His bandmate James Bourne added, ”We don’t have individual rooms or individual riders. We arrive together, we leave together, we change together, we shower together.”