What does Lindsay Lohan hope to find in London?


Lindsay Lohan is apparently on the hunt for a rapper to feature on her new music album. Yes, you read that right.

Lindsay is hoping to resurrect her music career and believes London is the key.

It’s great to see Lindsay so motivated again, but her last attempt at music didn’t go so well. Lohan released a song in 2005 called Confessions of a Broken Heart but it only reached no.57 in the charts.

But that hasn’t deterred the 27-year-old who plans to focus on her music in between partying in the UK capital

“Lindsay is staying in London and wants to record an album while she’s here. She’s been casting a net for collaborators and top of the list is a rapper to feature on her comeback single.”

We wonder what Lindsay’s first comeback single will be about? We’ll just have to wait and see.