What did Rita Ora find daunting about filming Fifty Shades of Grey?


Rita Ora has admitted that working on the raunchy film Fifty Shades of Grey was a bit daunting.

The singer opened up about her experience recently and said that she enjoyed her time on the film, but was afraid she would embarrass her cast mates.

“I’ve just shot the movie, Fifty Shades Of Grey. That took up a lot of my time as I didn’t wanna embarrass anybody, so I made sure I knew exactly what I was doing. It was an incredible experience”

But it seems Rita got over first time film fears, as she now knows her way around a film set and has become really close with her cast mates.

“I went from not knowing what it’s like being on a movie set, to feeling like I knew them all for years, and I wasn’t even there for that long. They’d already been filming for months and months, so I came in mid-way through the film. I can honestly say it’s so cool to be in it. I’m so excited, I was really nervous. I kind of came in last minute, I auditioned last minute.”

Rita finished filming on Fifty Shades of Grey last month and is now promoting her new album.