What are your breakouts telling you?

Most of us suffer with breakouts from time to time, but we all get them in different places. Different areas mean different things, so what are your breakouts trying to tell you?

Forehead: Stress is the main cause of forehead breakouts. However, a lack of sleep can also be a trigger. Try to relax and get plenty of rest.

Cheeks: Spots can form on your cheeks due to bad habits you don't even realise you're doing. Try to stop touching your face and putting your phone against it as often as you normally would. Smoking can also cause this.

Chin: Chin breakouts are caused by hormones.This can be a common occurrence in the lead up to, and during your period.

Around your mouth: Your diet. Residue from greasy foods can irritate the skin, and eating these foods can also clog your pores. Try wiping your mouth after you've eaten and cutting down on fried foods.

Chest/back: Fabrics play a huge role in breakouts on your chest and back. Cotton soaks up sweat and keeps it close to your skin. This attracts bacteria which can cause spots.Try different fabrics and change your clothes straight after working out.