Westlife star says One Direction will never ‘match’ them


Kian Egan has opened himself up to the fury of One Directioners everywhere as he says the boyband will never be able to match the record sales of Westlife.

The singer was talking on Jarlath Regan’s podcast An Irishman Abroad when he made the controversial comments, saying: “No disrespect to One Direction, but One Direction will never sell what Westlife sold. They might be a bigger band and a bigger phenomenon and do bigger concerts and things like that but record sales wise, they’ll never be able to match it because the industry just isn’t that size anymore.”

Kian made the point that at Westlife’s peak, fans were intent on having everything they released, from singles to albums and everything in between. Now that the music industry is based on downloads, perhaps the Westlife star has a point.

Although we’re not so sure the Directioners will see it that way… 

In fact, they've started already…