‘We’re better off as friends than we are the other way’


Since the season nine premiere of Keeping Up With The Kardashians aired last night, the Kardashian sisters have been a bit under the blue – to say the least.

In yesterday’s episode, Bruce and Kris Jenner finally revealed that they’re better off as friends, leaving their children lost for words.

After 23 years of marriage the two decided they have had enough, so a mutual decision was made that Bruce would stay in his Malibu beach house instead of the family home.

While Kendall was devastated by the news, Kylie took a more mature approach, saying: “If you are happier for yourself here then you should be here.”

It’s obvious this little designer was just trying to be strong because she was later pictured looking particularly glum.

The Kardashian household have had such a tough time lately, especially with 2013 seeing the breakdown of two marriages.

Luckily for them, they have little Nori to keep them smiling.