Weight-loss pill company to be sued by TV3 presenter?

Elaine Crowley was left fuming after coming across an ad which used her image to sell a weight-loss pill called Garcinium:

The TV Presenter, who is very open about her struggle with weight, came across the ad on her birthday when she was browsing on Facebook, and voiced her disgust on her own Facebook page: “Well after a very upsetting end to my birthday I’m off to bed.”

She also took to Twitter to warn people about the bogus ad:

“Warning! Some dodgy company has falsely used my name and image on Facebook to promote a diet pill, garcinium. It’s fake. Pls report as spam.”

Crowley hasn’t said whether or not she’s going to sue just yet, but the case is with her lawyers:

“It’s currently with the lawyers. I have never taken this ‘magic pill’ and I am so angry that my image and quotes are being used.

“I don’t want people buying that product thinking I am endorsing this product. I was fuming when I saw the post on Facebook.”

We don’t blame her – it would be bad enough to have your image used without your permission, but for something like a weight-loss pill? That’s gotta hurt, especially on your birthday!