Stacey Solomon opens up about her summer wedding plans

Bride-to-be Stacey Solomon is in full wedding planning mode, ever since she excitedly announced her engagement to Joe Swash on Christmas Eve.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, Stacey is well aware that she might not be able to have the wedding of her dreams this year, with all of her friends and family in attendance. However, regardless of Covid restrictions, 31-year-old Stacey and 39-year-old Joe are determined to tie the knot this Summer, any way they can.

“I know the reality of the situation is that we might not even be allowed to get married this year, let alone have the people that we want there,” Stacey confessed in an interview with Hello Magazine.

“But me and Joe have spoken about it. There are people in our lives who we don't think we will, unfortunately, have much time left with. So if worst comes to worst, and we can only have a wedding of six, then we will get married with those special people because it's really important to us to have certain people there,” the Loose Women presenter explained.

“But I am really excited. We're just waiting to hear what Boris says about the whole situation because if the vaccines and testing are going well then maybe there'll be an opportunity to have more people later this year. For now, we're planning a small wedding and then will do another ceremony later on when everything's settled.”

Stacey then went on to talk about the special role her three sons, 12-year-old Zachary, eight-year-old Leighton and nearly two-year-old Rex, will play in her wedding ceremony, along with Joe’s 13-year-old son Harry.

“We've got four boys and they will all just be our page boys. We didn't want to make one the best man or give one a special role. But I would like them all to walk me down the aisle with my dad,” Stacey said.

Let’s not forget Stacey and Joe’s adorable dogs who are also going to be suited and booted for the occasion, as Stacey exclaimed, “Our dogs Theo and Peanut will of course also be involved! They're getting suits made and they'll have bow ties.”

When it comes to picking out the perfect wedding dress though, Stacey explains that things haven’t been easy due to the lockdown restrictions that have been put in place in the UK.

“Because of lockdown and restrictions, I haven't been able to have any fittings. I've been speaking to a lady who makes dresses and I've sent her my measurements. I've been sending her ideas, but that's all I can do for now.”

“When we're allowed to go in for fittings, I'll try on different shapes. I don't know exactly what I want and she recommended I try on different styles, because the most likely scenario is that I'll try on a style I would never normally choose and actually love that one the most,” she added.

While the excitement that comes with trying on wedding dresses will have to wait for now, Stacey did reveal that she had somewhat of an idea of the type of style she’d like, and we have to admit, it sounds so intrinsically ‘her’.

“But I do think I'd like capped sleeves and a lot of tulle, I don't like thick material, and I'd want something fitted but not corseted like Bridgerton, although I am obsessed with Bridgerton!” she hilariously added, referencing the famous Netflix series.

“I'm also obsessed with the brand Berta. Everything's made out of glitter. I don't want the dress to be all glittery, but I definitely want sparkle!”

That’s it — now we absolutely can’t wait to see what gorgeous gown she ends up with!