We really want to be Anna Wintour’s mate after watching this!


Anna Wintour has long been recognised as one of the scariest faces in fashion. Rarely pictured without her sunglasses and a stern frown, if we saw her in real life we'd probably hide behind our copy of Vogue. But in this new video, the notoriously difficult editor seems quite down-to-earth and, dare we say it, sweet! She even takes off the sunnies…for a while!

In the video, Anna answers 73 questions about herself – from what she has for breakfast (Starbucks), to her biggest phobia (spiders), to her least favourite fashion buzzword (we won't spoil that one).

Oscar de la Renta even makes a cameo appearance via speakerphone – sure, that's just a normal day at the office for Anna.

The vid is also a great chance to get a sneak peek at the US Vogue offices – we're in heaven!