We must admit, they’re a Happy Pear of hunks!

Twin brothers Stephen and David Flynn, who are the owners of The Happy Pear in Greystones, Co. Wicklow have been treating their Twitter followers to some saucy snaps.

The pair have been enjoying the good weather by going for a dip in the ocean, and sharing the customary topless snap on Twitter, which has gained them plenty of attention – but they say it’s not a marketing campaign. Stephen said: “I suppose it’s just swimming season! It definitely is not an intentional marketing campaign.

“The pictures are just taken as all pictures are. You know, you’re down on the beach and it’s a beautiful morning or you’re at the cove enjoying it with the kids.”

Wait – did he say kids?

Yes, unfortunately there’s no point in rushing down to The Happy Pear if it’s a boyrfriend you’re after – both brothers are married.

Oh well, a muffin will have to do.