We cannot believe what Ed Sheeran just revealed on Instagram!


For such a nice guy, Ed Sheeran gets a seriously bad time of it!

The singer shared an image of one of his many pieces of fan mail on Instagram today, and now we just want to give the poor fella a hug.

The letter, which Ed received from a Korean fan, went as follows:

"To Ed Sheeran (my great singer)
I hope you love the shirt.
You are little ugly but I love you!
Please wear this shirt and get some 2015 concert tour!
From Lee Jaung In (your fan)"


A photo posted by @teddysphotos on

Now, we're sure something got a little lost in translation there, but was there really any need to use the word "ugly"?!

The singer shared the photo with the caption "God Bless Korea," so luckily he didn't seem too put out, and his fans were quick to reassure him a little bit, with one writing, "He's so perfect ! What is wrong with that person!" and another saying "thats sweet but not really…. Wtfudge?!"

Well, we hope the shirt was nice at least… and that the singer is following his own advice today:

Wise words!