We asked 5 SHEmazing Girls to trial the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 cameras.



The results are in and they loved the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 cameras.

Read our SHEmazing girls review below:

Rachel H

I have heard of Fujifilm before. I’ve never used a Fujifilm product however I have used their services for getting photos printed etc.

I had heard of then Instax prior to this trial and had viewed it in a Fujifilm shop with the intention of getting one for my daughter (14yrs old).

I loved using it and it brought back old school memories as my mam had an instant camera back in the day. I loved that you get your photo straight away. I think a lot of pictures go to waste nowadays as everyone has them on a chip, phone, Facebook etc. and if anything happens to that device the pictures are lost forever.

It’s a very funky design and I love that you can accessories your photo with the framed prints. Love the colours too!!

It was very easy to capture and print photos. It took a bit of getting used to having to look through such a small lense although when you’re used to seeing the whole shot on a screen. My one criticism is obviously that there is no room for errors because its printed straight away – like a finger in the photo because it was over the lense slightly.

The pictures are really good quality when they come up. We loved having this at the moment as our son has a form of cerebral palsy and is getting a downstairs bedroom and wet room built at present, so we can take photos of the build at all the different stages and scrapbook it for him.

As a creative project for Christmas I would love to take photos of the kids in their Christmas jumpers and use a string with the mini pegs to hang as a decoration above their socks. Also to take pics that the elf on the shelf “took” during the night.

Ideal for the birth of a baby as you get the first pic instantly. Also great for weddings to put on the guests tables so they can take instant photos of the shenanigans to treasure forever. I also know that this will be a massive hit with my daughter and her friends for taking photos of them messing around doing girly things.

I would most definitely buy this product having trialled it. The price of the camera with 10 prints (roughly €89.99) is very reasonable. However I think the film is a bit over priced at €12.99 per 10 pics. I know there is an accessory pack too which I think is going to be priced at around €54.99.

I’d definitely recommend it to friends and family especially those with teenage girls as I think that’s the market this product is aimed at.

Attached is a picture of 3 of the 4 snaps I took using the camera. Was hoping to save some film for our holiday’s next week 😀

Thanks again for the opportunity and I look forward to trialling other products in the near future.


Ciara M

Thank you for choosing me to review the Instax camera!

I had seen the Fujifilm Instax camera advertised online and on TV, and being sold in many shops, although I had never thought of buying one. Once at a friend’s party, a girl took a picture of us with an Instax camera and I still have that picture stuck on my wall! When I was at a wedding in the summer, we used a Fujifilm Instax camera to take pictures to put in a memory book. It was a huge hit with all the wedding guests, and left a fabulous gift for the bride and groom.

I really enjoyed using the Instax Mini 8. It felt really easy to use and easy to bring anywhere. It has different light settings which automatically change depending on the light in the surroundings. It is small enough to fit into your handbag, and so lightweight that it is a perfect addition to any trip or night out. The design and colour are very cute, and it looks great displayed in a bedroom or any room in the house!

One of the best things about the Instax Mini 8 is that you have a physical photograph whenever you take a picture. My favourite thing is that you get a memory that last forever, in a time when most of our pictures with friends and family are just online. The pictures are credit card sized and easy to put in frames, send in a birthday card or just keep in an album at home. The pictures are good quality and although they are small in size they capture a lot in the frame.

I will definitely be bringing the Instax mini 8 on my next holiday as it is perfect for taking pictures in any situation, and having a photo that you can keep forever!


Sinead Walsh

Thank you so much for letting me be a part of this review.  I have heard of the Fujifilm brand but I never actually owned any of their products.  I did hear of the INSTAX mini 8 and I always thought to myself what a cool present to get from someone, I don’t think I would have bought it for myself as I wasn’t sure if I would actually use it a lot.  How wrong was I? I am obsessed with it, it is so pretty and compact and the pictures are amazing.  The quality of the pictures are brilliant I was shocked.  I cannot wait to buy another set of prints so I can keep taking pictures and having them develop straight away is just the handiest thing ever.  I am going to a wedding in November and I will definitely be bringing my INSTAX with it.  I also cannot wait to use it all over the Christmas period.

I also plan to make my own board to have in my room so I can put all my favourite pictures from the camera on it.  I would certainly recommend to any of my friends and family to buy one of these as they are so handy and ideal.  Would be a great Christmas present for someone.


Joanne B

I am very aware of the Fujifilm brand but have never tried any Fujifilm products in the past. I had not heard of this particular Polaroid camera, Fujifilm INSTAX mini 8 – but I was aware that Fujifilm did a range of Polaroid cameras. They would be the brand I would associate with these new types of Polaroid cameras

I really did enjoy using INSTAX mini 8. It was quite user friendly and easy to get the hang of. It is neat and fits in your hand nicely. It isn’t clunky and is very portable along with the film. It is a good weight in your hand and doesn’t feel as cheap as it might look being made of plastic.

I really liked the way you could choose the different settings. You can chose if you are indoors, if there is high light, if it is cloudy etc. It gives a sense of control over the image and that the camera is more intuitive than a regular Polaroid.

I loved the design and thought it was the perfect shape to hold comfortably in your hand to take the perfect picture. It is also easy to use when you want to frame the picture to either portrait or landscape.

I found it very easy to capture and print the photos and I really liked the way it produced a vintage feel to some of the pictures.

I could definitely see myself getting creative with the INSTAX prints. I liked the size of and design of the film – I like the way there is options to write a caption under the photo – how there is space at the top to potentially hang the photo from something or pin it to a board without covering too much of the photo itself

I think this is a great camera for weddings. It has a fun style in terms of the look of the camera itself and the pictures it produces. It would be a reliable camera and would be easy to use for first time users. The styles of photos that this camera produces are perfect for memories of a wedding day or a 21st, 30th etc. birthday party. I would use it at fun events when you want to capture moments and have them printed instantly so you wouldn’t have to go to the trouble of printing them after from a phone or digital camera. Or if you want to display them at that same event this camera is perfect.

I would definitely buy and recommend the INSTAX mini 8 to others; I loved the size and handiness of the camera. I love that you could just bring the camera with you to any parties, weddings or events and instantly have pictures. The quality of the pictures was really great. I have actually created a little collage in my room already of vintage-y style pictures of being out and about.


Rebecca G

Fujifilm are a dynamic company having been successful with their print cameras in the 1930s and victoriously transitioning to the digital market. I was very excited to see their modern adaptation of a product that was part of the catalyst of their initial success.

Every group holiday I go on I buy a Fujifilm disposable camera for each of my friends. The photos that we print from these throw away items are the last we’re likely to dispose of. Despite the hundreds of photos we take on mobile phones and digital cameras, the ones from our single-use cameras are the most cherished. I’d been looking at purchasing this camera before, eager to capture moments in a convenient way with the quality achieved by the disposables, to have photos that were one-offs and were of the time they were taken. The Instax 8 was a big winner for me in this way. One roll of film features only 10 prints and while that is limiting it also dictates that I put more thought into the photos. This limiting aspect is actually one of the most liberating features of the camera for me, you don’t take 20 photos to get the right one, you’re take it, accept it, love it and keep it as a souvenir of a moment of real life complete with so-called “imperfections”.

I absolutely loved the design of the camera as well, it’s beautiful, and it feels more like a fashion accessory than a camera. It’s compact so you can take it anywhere and the retro aesthetic and colours make it stand apart from the every day, and show it for what it is today – different. The developing process of the photos took a few seconds longer than someone of the immediate world of the 21st century would anticipate, but this added even more to everyone’s excitement when photos were taken. Indoors the quality was great, the flash is actually very flattering, however I found the outdoor setting a little overexposed.

Unfortunately I don’t see the creative potential of the Fujifilm Instax 8, but I feel that could be subjective. I’m an experienced photographer have done professional work, I know that when I do photographic work I do like to be in control. I’d be excited by the camera’s creative potential if I had more rolls of film but at their current retail price I can’t currently afford that luxury. When I have the chance the more artistic prospect is one I definitely want to explore. As of now, my use of the camera has been restricted to specific events; seeing old friends, parties, graduations etc. I love having a specific format to mark these events in my life and have them displayed with fairy lights in my room.

I would definitely buy the camera again and would recommend it to a friend depending on the intended use of the camera. Thank you so much for giving me a chance to test out this piece of equipment, it’s already given me mementos I’ll treasure for life.