We are so excited about Katy Perry’s next gig!


There is a musical version of the ’90s classic Clueless in the works, and Katy Perry has approached Amy Heckerling, the original movie’s director, about playing the part of Cher Horowitz!

Heckerling said: “Katy Perry has expressed interest, and I love her to death!”

However, Katy has some competition in the form of Iggy Azalea. The blonde rapper impressed Heckerling with her re-enactment of clueless in the video for her song ‘Fancy’: “It looked like they had more money for the video than I had for the movie, but I was extremely flattered and I thought she was amazing. And whoever did the costumes, I don’t know how they did that. Maybe Iggy wants to do it!”

We’re definitely team Katy for this one! What do you think?