‘We are in a war’: Bressie attacked during triathlon training!


Dublin’s seagulls have been getting a very bad rep for themselves lately, and now Irish singer Bressie has declared war on them!

It seems The Voice Ireland judge was at the mercy of some feisty gulls while out training for his triathlon yesterday.

“The sea gulls got me. We are in a war people,” the singer tweeted last night, with a snap of a pretty nasty head wound.

“Day before triathlon and split head. Good start,” he added.

Poor Bressie!

Bressie’s gull bashing comes after a Fianna Fail senator called on the Government to take action against “raucous” seagulls that are attacking young children.

Ned O’Sullivan said seagulls have “lost the run of themselves” in Dublin City and are even taking lollipops from children.

We wonder if there’s such a thing as Anger Management classes for birds…