July 29: Watch the explosive Love Island finale in THIS Dublin bar

We're all counting down the minutes until the finale of hit reality show Love Island, but what if there was a special venue hosting a live screening?

The Cupid-style series has gripped the entire nation for the last four weeks, and it's popularity is only growing according to social media and viewer statistics.

Widely regarded as a cultural phenomenon, the world and it's mother has been discussing the shameful antics of Curtis and Michael in their betrayal of Amy and Amber, the hilarious Longford lass Maura and other highlights from the Lucie/Joe/Tommy love triangle and the Ellie Belly Fury family to Yewande versus Arabella and Anton's lack of game.

Image: Facebook/The Living Room

Popular Dublin sports bar The Living Room has just announced that it will host a live screening of the finale on Monday, July 29 from 9pm until 11:30pm and seeing as admission is free, the place is bound to be jam-packed.

Seeing as Love Island is now as popular as any world class sporting tournament, it's unsurprising that such a large venue has taken to airing the eagerly-awaited finale.

Irish viewers were gutted to see Irish scientist Yewande Biala dumped from the island weeks ago, but Maura Higgins has been flying the tricolour high and proud.

Audiences have even declared that the ring girl has been carrying the entire season on her back, and we have to agree. The gal speaks the God honest truth at all times.

Her new declaration of lust for Curtis has set chins wagging, so it should be interesting to see which lad she eventually ends up with.

Time will tell, but The Living Room looks like the perfect location to sit back, have a summer cocktail or a pint and soak in the last episode of a pure gas series.

Feature image: ITV2