Watch: Kate Walsh makes epic Grey’s Anatomy return in season 18

“Paging Dr. Addison Montgomery.”

That’s right Grey’s fans, Kate Walsh is finally returning to our favourite medical drama after 14 long years.

Giving fans a sneak peak at Addison’s return, ABC have shared an exciting promo clip, showing the neonatal surgeon’s satisfying return to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

In the clip, our eager batch of surgical residents are keen to find out who their hot, new mentor will be, only to be introduced moments later to the legend that is Addison Montgomery, expertly played by Kate Walsh, as she sauntered down the hospital halls in her pointy-toed stilettos. 


“I’m Dr. Addison Montgomery. And you must be the group that’s been screwing up the programme,” she sassily remarked, while the starry-eyed residents stood there with their mouths hanging open, as one subtly snapped a photo on their phone.

Addison makes her Grey’s Anatomy return in the third episode of the show’s 18th season, in the episode titled, ‘Hotter Than Hell’. The rest of the teaser trailer goes on to give fans a little taste as to how the story line will go.

Richard Webber interrupts Addison’s surgery to tell her the hospital’s air conditioning is down, meaning that temperatures will soon rise and infections will spread. With that said, Addison will have to either close her patient up, putting the surgery on pause, or work twice as fast.

“Get me Merideth Grey,” Addison demands as the teaser ends, leaving fans on the edge of their seats.

Long-term Grey’s fans will remember that Addison first appeared on the medical drama as Derek Shepherd’s estranged wife during the early seasons of the show. Proving quite popular among the fans and the writers, Kate Walsh was given her own spin-off series back in 2007.

Private Practise saw Addison move to Los Angeles to start a new life for herself. Becoming a huge hit, Private Practise ran for a total of six seasons, before Kate retired the character back in 2013.

Now, eight years later, Addison Montgomery is making a comeback in the latest series of Grey’s Anatomy, which started airing in the US on September 30.