WATCH Hollywood’s hottest actors are totally clueless in Cher audition

We are totally buggin' over this Clueless inspired video featuring some of our ultimate celebrity crushes. 

Someone over in W Magazine had the genius of idea of doing a casting call with a couple of top Hollywood actors. As you do. 

And the role they would be auditioning for? 

Our favourite ditsy, blonde; Cher Horotwitz from Clueless of course.

Paul Dano, Seth Rogen, Jake Gyllenhaal and Bradley Cooper are tasked with reading that iconic scene from early in the film in which Cher takes part in a class debate. 

While Bradley does a decent job, Seth Rogen steals the show with his melodramatic spin on the ridiculous speech. 

As for Paul Dano and Jake….

Watch the hilarious video below: