Watch: Chris Hemsworth gets hilariously trolled by his son

Avengers star, Chris Hemsworth has been enjoying plenty of family time throughout the pandemic, and posted a hilarious video of himself getting trolled by his son.

Chris and wife Elsa Pataky share three children together, 6-year-old twins, Sasha and Tristan, and eight-year-old daughter India.

The Australian actor was filming an underwater meditation video for his fitness app, Centr, when he was gleefully interrupted by one of his twin boys, time and time again.

The video, aptly titled, "Affirmations That Positively, Absolutely, Probably (Most Likely) Won't Make Your 2020 Worse," started with Chris speaking to us in his silky smooth, deep, calming voice. 

"Is it just me or is it getting harder and harder to find a place where you can just get away from it all, where you can just be? Well, let's find that place together. Close your eyes. Don't breathe in because you're underwater," the 37-year-old dad instructed, as he sat cross-legged at the bottom of his pool, with his hands pressed together, in a prayer position. 

"Imagine you're some place far, far away from wherever you've been stuck lately."

All was going well when suddenly one of Chris' six-year-old twin boys crashes into the frame and swims right past the camera. Reminding us of many a zoom meeting, an agitated Chris waves his son to move out of the way.

Much to our delight, Chris adds, "There are no distractions here. Nothing to break your calm. No one demanding your attention."

Leaning in to his dad's annoyance, the boy then swims up to Chris again. "Simply push your worries away until it's just you, your thoughts in this moment of absolute tranquility," Chris calmly states, playfully shoving his son away.

"That's it. Those little distractions, just give them a gentle old shove," he repeated, as his son tauntingly swam up to him again.

"It's just you and me. God, and this kid. Okay, maybe let's try this another time," the Thor actor finally concludes.