Wait, what?! Michelle Williams talks up a Dawson’s Creek REUNION

So she may have been killed off in season six, but that doesn't mean Michelle Williams is any less eager than the rest of us to see a Dawson's Creek reunion!

With rumours circulating that we may actually be revisiting the gang in Capeside, the actress who played Jen Lindley for five years weighed in on the topic while appearing  on The Today Show.

Sparking hope in the hearts of fans everywhere, Michelle admitted that she too would like to see a reunion, but doesn't imagine she'd feature given, you know, her death.

"I'd have come to come back as a ghost or put like a lot of filters on the camera and I'll do flashback scenes," she told the host.

"I think it's a fun thing to sort of imagine," she added. "I like imagining it, but I haven't heard anyone say anything actually serious about that happening."

The actress did, however, reveal that she and her former co-stars often meet up for 'mini-reunions', so with a little trip down memory lane, a lot of vino and Paul Cole's I Don't Want To Wait on repeat, this could actually happen.

Hold tight, ladies, we're hitching a ride down that creek.