Vladimir Putin has won his 4th Russian Presidential election


Vladamir Putin has won the Presidential election in Russia. 

This is the politician's fourth win, awarding him another six years of presidency. 

It was long assumed that Putin would come out on top of this election, as he faced seven other candidates, none of which made much traction with their campaigns.


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His most prominent competition Alexei Navalny was blocked from the ballot due to legal reasons. 

It was a landslide victory, with the Associated Press reporting that Putin won the election with 76.6pc of the vote.

He will be in power until 2024, and has has the most longevity as Russia's leader, he has ruled the country for longer than anyone since Joseph Stalin.

'Thank you for your support,' Putin told crowds after his win according The Guardian. 

'Everyone who voted today is part of our big, national team.'

This year';s election saw a voter turnout of 60pc.