Vicky Pattison drops yet another TRUTH bomb about Alex Cannon


Since leaving the Big Brother house, Alex Cannon has had a lot to deal with.

Not only did Vicky confess her love for him, only to take it back a few days later, but he also had to deal with the backlash after that kiss with Evelyn Ellis and the public finding out about his child.

Confusing, right?

Well, Vicky is about to make it a whole lot worse, because she has just confessed her love for Alex, again.

Speaking to Now Magazine, Vicky revealed just how much she missed him when he was in the CBB house: “I missed him loads. He’s such a brilliant person and a positive influence in my life. It’s been really difficult. 

"When he got voted ‘most forgettable’ in the house, I wanted to barge in there and shout: ‘It’s b******s!”

She then landed this truth bomb: "I want him to be my husband…”

It feels like everything just got way more complicated.