Veggie tucked into meat after 22 YEARS, and YouTube is RAGING

A vegetarian who decided to tuck into a variety of different meat for the first time in a staggering 22 years has infuriated YouTubers this week.

Stephanie Potakis, who went veggie in just fourth grade, made the decision to hop off the wagon and get reacquainted with numerous meat-based dishes before sharing the footage online.

And not everyone is too happy about it.

Suggesting that Stephanie was attempting to pull the wool over viewers' eyes, one YouTuber commented: "This is disgusting and sad I would literally throw up. This is so fake no person that dedicated for 22 years would just throw it away with no hesitation."

"All the vegetarians I know who tried going back to meat throw the f**k up because their bodies can't digest the meat as well as they used to," added another.

It looks like from where they were sitting, Stephanie just wasn't behaving accordingly for someone who has been meat-free for more than two decades.

"What a load of bullsh*t, she was never vegetarian, look at her. P*ss off, who even gets that excited over a bloody dead cow. What a joke," fumed another viewer.

Sounding like she may be staying off the wagon for good, Stephanie gushed over every piece of meat placed in front of her  saying: "Jealous? Cos you should be cos this is so good."

You'll have to make your own mind up on this one…