Unicorn cakes are officially a thing and we are totally OBSESSED

Are you planning a birthday party and wondering what kind of cake you want? 

Well,  we are about to make that decision for you ladies! 

Your answer: a UNICORN cake.

It is safe to say that unicorn themed items have never been cooler, and now the trend has spread to confectionery! 


BE A UNICORN IN A FIELD OF HORSES #cake #unicorncake #buttercream #dulcemorada #dulcemoradamx

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Unicorn cakes have been doing the rounds online, and they are simply to die for. 


Omg need in my life @jennaraecakes #unicorncake #amazeballs

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Decorated with pastel coloured icing, edible glitter and gorgeous sprinkles, these are the most beautifully simple cakes we have ever seen!

They are almost too enchanting to eat… ALMOST! 

We want one!