Una Foden is ready to launch a solo career


Una Foden has made the decision to launch a solo career after it was revealed that The Saturdays are taking a break. 

The 33-year-old is going to stay with Polydor records to focus on an acoustic country sound with her guitar and song writing skills, according to the Mirror.

The singer already has a very hectic schedule as she was a coach on The Voice of Ireland, and mother to Aoife-Belle, 3, and baby Tadhg, 3 months. The Voice of Ireland 2015 ended at the end of April so we're sure Una is ready for some peace and quiet at home with her children and husband, Ben Foden. 

Una was selected in October 2014 to be a judge on the show for 2015 and we're sure she will be back since one of her acts, Patrick Donoghue, went on to win the competition. 

The Saturdays have been together since 2008, but it's not all doom and gloom for their fans. They are still signed to Polydor records so are not breaking up for good, just taking a break to focus on their own careers.

Una, Mollie and Vanessa are ready to launch their solo careers, while Rochelle is working on her growing TV career and Frankie is pregnant with her second child. 

While Una's music will have an acoustic sound, Mollie's will have an eighties pop vibe and Vanessa is choosing R&B. 

It will be interesing to see how this turns out for the lovely ladies.