Uh Oh! Walt Disney messed with the wrong woman


It seems Meryl Streep is none too impressed by children’s movie legend Walt Disney.

Speaking at the National Board of Review Gala in New York last night, Meryl blasted Disney during a speech honouring star of Saving Mr. Banks, Emma Thompson.

The movie, starring Tom Hanks as Walt Disney, chronicles the making of Mary Poppins during the 1960’s and Disney’s difficulty dealing with the author P.L. Travers, played by Thompson.

According to reports, during her nine-minute tribute to Thompson, Streep branded  Disney a “gender bigot” and went on to say that Disney had “supported an anti-Semitic industry lobbying group”.

However, it wasn’t all negative (kind of…) and Meryl did speak highly of her friend Emma and her contribution to the movie world; “Emma thinks, ‘Is this helpful?’ Not, ‘Will it build my brand?’ Not, ‘Will it give me billions?’ Not, ‘Does this express me, me, me in my unique and fabulous itself into all eternity in every universe for all time?”

Hmm, something tell us it would be a terrible idea to mess with Meryl.