Uh-oh… The Geordie Shore girls are the latest to feud on social media

Marnie Simpson has lashed out at fellow Geordie Shore star Vicky Pattison on social media.

The pair, who have never exactly been the best of friends, are having it out on Twitter after Marnie lashed out at Vicky over claims she was trying to be photographed with Vicky’ love interest.

Last week Vicky claimed that Marnie was trying to be pictured with her boyfriend Stephen Bear on a night out.

In the beginning Marnie seemed to be staying silent and ignoring the claims, but now it seems that she’s had enough of holding her tongue.


Vicky claimed that Marnie had asked Stephen to walk with her to an ATM after the Jeans for Genes Day charity event. She told OK! Online that she thought Marnie was “bang out of order.”

Later that night Marnie was spotted waiting on a taxi with Lewis Bloor of TOWIE fame, which Vicky also commented on:

"Well, if it wasn't Lewis Bloor it would have been Stephen Bear. And I tell you if it had been Stephen Bear I would have set her on fire.

"I'm not joking. What the hell? Go get papped with someone who is single why does it have to be my lad? D***."

However, some are claiming that Marnie might not be the only one that’s getting Vicky all worked up.

The Mirror pointed out that there could be trouble brewing for Vicky and Stephen after she posted a cryptic Instagram snap. The image has since been deleted but some thought there reason to believe Vicky and Stephen may have called it quits. The snap read: "It’s not always just the heart. Sometimes your mind breaks as well."

The couple met filming MTV’s Ex On The Beach earlier this summer and have apparently had something of a rocky relationship since. Despite reports of screaming matches in hotels, Vicky revealed that Stephen and her family are getting along great:

"He was a bit nervous and obviously me mam and dad were a bit hesitant because of what's happened on Ex On The Beach, but everyone loved him."