Two leading names in fashion collaborate on gorgeous new collection


As if they both didn't have enough to do running their own successful individual businesses, Pippa O'Connor and Lucy Nagle have teamed up to do a collaboration together and its the stuff of dreams.  Take Lucy Nagle’s everyday luxe and add Pippa O’Connor Ormond’s signature style and you have the new Lucy x Pippa collection – a match made in fashion heaven. Expect 100% merino wool sweaters and loungewear and cashmere blend t-shirt tops. 

The new Lucy x Pippa collection is set for release today with the collection being more affordable than previous Lucy Nagle collections.  The collection pieces range in price from €50-€110. “I really wanted to ensure the price point was accessible without affecting quality. All the sweaters and loungewear are 100% merino wool and the t-shirt tops are a cashmere blend. Merino wool is a premium wool, it’s the best quality wool and is super soft to touch” commented Lucy.

The Oversized Rollneck in Grey – €100


We spoke to Pippa before the launch: “I’m so excited about the collaboration with Lucy. A 100% merino wool sweater is something everyone should have in their wardrobe, they’re timeless and if you look after your knitwear you’ll have it to wear on repeat. For me, it’s all about quality and affordability so I think we’ve created something really special together.”

Lucy Nagle added: “I have loved working with Pippa on projects over the years and my knitwear sweaters have always been a staple of Pippa’s wardrobe. It was a natural progression in our partnership to create this collection and do something collaboratively.

Pippa and I wanted a collection that brought together both our styles and inspired pieces that everyone would love. I always want to ensure my knitwear are ‘forever pieces’ so we designed a wearable every day and trans-seasonal range.

The Bolt Sweater in White – €100


Styling is the key, you can dress the Lucy x Pippa collection up with statement jewellery or pare it back with jeans for that effortless chic look. Quality knitwear means a lifetime of wear with pretty much everything in your wardrobe.”

Lucy and Pippa worked on the collection throughout lockdown. Lucy says: “We met and discussed plans last March so lockdown was a busy time bringing the collection to life. We were on Zoom calls, on Whatsapp and on email sending photos and ideas back and forth. We worked really well together and we can’t wait to share the results. I really enjoyed the whole collaborative process with Pippa.”

Launching today, 23rd September, the collection is available exclusively online at Lucy Nagle’s website with shipping worldwide.