TV star sparks worry with angry Twitter outburst


TOWIE star Maria Fowler has certainly had a rough week. The 28-year-old is currently recovering from a vicious attack she suffered on a night out last weekend, which left her bloody and bruised.

Although she seems to be recovering well, Maria took to Twitter last night to show that she refuses to be taken advantage of while she is in a vulnerable state.

The model sent a tweet directed at a mystery person, which said, "Don't you dare try coming back into my life now when you think I am weak."

It has not been confirmed who the message was referring to, but fans believe Maria may have been lashing out at Josie Cunningham, who sent a fairly controversial tweet to Maria earlier in the day.

Josie – whose claim to fame was her state-funded boob job – tweeted a number of celebrities to ask them to donate money to help a young boy with cerebral palsy.

Asking for help from Maria, she said, "@MariaFowler you've been harsh to me, and I've seen you been bashed but please RT this," including a link to the donation page.

Poor Maria wasn't the only one to get insulted on Josie's rampage – she also targeted Myleene Klass, calling her a b**ch.

Not exactly the best way to inspire the spirit of giving!

Despite her angry outburst, Maria seems to be physically recovering well from the attack – though she did mention last night that it was a painful process:

We hope she's doing okay!