Troubled star reveals drastic new look


We all remember the sky-blue wig Amanda Bynes wore to court last year, right?

Well, it looks like she was in the mood for an equally dramatic new look when she popped to the hairdressing salon last night.

The star, who has been causing quite the stir on Twitter in the past few weeks, took to the social media site to share her dramatic new hairdo with her followers.

Posting a photo of herself with bright violet locks, the 28-year-old wrote: “I dyed my hair violet. I’m not sure if I like it, and this is a blurry pic but here it is!”

We kind of love the colour, actually.

It’s also refreshing to see a tweet from the Hairspray star that isn’t referring to her hatred of her parents, or her money woes.

The actress hit the headlines once again this week after being spotted sleeping on a couch in a mall. She later took to Twitter to inform her followers that she couldn’t afford a hotel to stay in, as her parents still have control over her finances through their conservatorship.

What do you think of Amanda’s new look?