Trouble in paradise for Kylie Jenner and her man?

Kylie Jenner hit the headlines when she began dating rapper Tyga, who is eight years her senior – but now it seems things might be on the rocks for the pair.

Tyga celebrated his 25th birthday last night in Los Angeles last night, and after pulling many strings to ensure his underage girlfriend could attend, she was nowhere to be seen.

​Tyga was originally scheduled to make an appearance at L.A. nightclub Greystones Manor, but he cancelled at the last minute when he discovered Kylie would not be allowed to enter.

Tyga repeatedly contacted the club's promoters throughout the day, trying to negotiate Kylie's entry and even tried to push his start time to 1.30am so that she could arrive late. 

In the end, the party was moved to West Hollywood restaurant The Argyle – but Kylie didn't show up. 

"Tyga really wanted Kylie at his party, he had gone out of his way in planning to make sure it was at a spot where she could get in," a source said. "The Argyle is a restaurant, which is why he chose to have his party there because he knew she'd be allowed in. Everyone was expecting her. As it got later and later and she still hadn't shown up, everyone was a bit confused."

Although Tyga "seemed a bit annoyed" he continued to party until 2am, even getting up to perform a few songs.

Kylie remained silent on social media yesterday, though she did post this picture to Instagram a couple of days before – a sign that Tyga's feelings might not be reciprocated?

So was Kylie making a point by not showing up, or did Kris just not allow her out last night? Hmmm!