Ten toys every Nineties kid begged Santa for!


As adults we're delighted to receive gifts at all, let alone a whole stocking full of them. But rewind a decade or two and you'll remember the absolute PANIC of writing your Santa list. What if you left something out? What if you sent it too soon and changed your mind? What if Santa just didn't bother bringing you the toy of the moment?

Those were the days. Here are a few of the toys you most definitely prayed Santa would bring you on Christmas morning. After all, he got a good deal too – you left him out the fancy foil-wrapped biccie from the Afternoon Tea tin PLUS a glass of milk…

1. Mr. Frosty Ice Maker
How cool did this look on the ads? Though they somehow neglected to mention that it took hours of sweating and a LOT of upper body strength to produce one cup of measly ice…

2. Baby Born
She ate AND pooed. Oh, Zapf Creations, you evil geniuses.

3. A Furby
This freaky little fella gave you endless entertainment on Christmas morning, but by Stephen's Day you had him hidden in a cupboard just to get five minutes' peace. This parenting-a-robot stuff is hard, lads.

4. A Nintendo Gameboy
Plus the Pokemon Red and Blue games, obvs.

5. A candle-making set
Relatives would be presented with lopsided yellow candles for years to come.

6. A Tamagotchi
No matter how diligently you played with them, cleaned their poo and kept their happiness levels up, the little guys never made it past their teenage years. RIP, Nikatchi.

7. A Talkgirl Dear Diary
Macaulay Culkin had his Talkboy, and we had our electronic Talkgirl diaries. Just don't forget the password…

8. Sky Dancers
A total health and safety hazard… but so pretty!

9. Bop It
Forget Bop It Extreme, this was the original and best. Twist It! Pull It! Bop It! So MANY commands to remember.

10. Cupcake Dolls
We saw nothing wrong with grabbing our doll's skirt and placing it over her head to transform her. All in the name of aesthetics.