TOWIE star splashes out on cosmetic procedure after ‘horse’ jibes


Chloe Sims has forked out thousands on new veneers after being taunted by her co-stars.

The TOWIE star is said to have paid £19,000 on the procedure after she received cruel jibes about her smile.

Chloe got her teeth done for the first time in 2011 but admitted people loved to have a dig at her about her gnashers.

“I get called a horse and sometimes drunken people shout: “Sort your teeth out!” And, to be honest, I now think my teeth are too long and too square,” she said.

The 32-year-old previously took to Twitter to defend former X Factor star Rylan Clark a few months before he got his teeth done in September 2013.

Last year, the reality TV star wrote on Twitter, “Aww @RylanClark don’t take no notice, if you happy then that’s all that counts, I ♥ big white teeth!! #hatersgonnahate.”

Speaking after the recent procedure, Chloe said, “Now that I’ve got a perfect smile I’m over the moon with them. Everybody loves them. I’ve had loads and loads of good feedback about them.”