Top hairstyles from the 2014 Grammy Awards


Award-winning stylist, Errol Douglas picked his top hair looks from this year’s Grammy Awards – there’s no way this was a walk in the park but here’s two that made the cut.

For Katy Perry’s hair do:

  • Brush your hair back to make sure there are no tangles
  • Tie it up with two rubber bands for extra security
  • Separate your ponytail in half and tightly twist one strand
  • Wind the twisted strand of hair around the pony and securely fasten it
  • Repeat the same process for the second strand of hair
  • Don’t forget to put on loads of hair spray

For Rita Ora‘s hair do:

  • Apply bendy rods onto your hair before the day of your event
  • Don’t forget to use plenty of hairspray
  • Remove the bendy rods for cute and luscious curls