Too far? Baby, It’s Cold Outside banned on station for #MeToo

If you're a fan of this Christmas classic, we have bad news for you.

One radio station is now removing it from it's station after receiving feedback from listeners who felt that it was inappropriate in 2018.

The issue here is consent – a hot topic in the #MeToo era and the song's lyrics are what has been causing problems.

According to the hosts for Ohio-based channel Star 102, the festive classic was “manipulative and wrong.''

The 1944 hit sees a man try to get a woman to stay in his house, coming up with excuses as to why she can't leave.

One line in particular that the woman sings – “say, what’s in this drink?” has been a cause of discomfort. 

And people have something to say about it.

Some are delighted that a song they see as outdated and even somewhat dangerous is being wiped from the air waves, others are outraged at what they see as more whining from the PC Brigade.

So where do you stand? 

A poll by Star 102 on Facebook showed that revealed that most listeners believe Baby, It’s Cold Outside is not inappropriate. 

One wrote, ''Then I guess you should stop playing Santa baby, I saw mommy kissing Santa, Grandma got run over, because people think those are offensive too, this PC stuff is getting ridiculous, play whatever if people don’t like it they will turn the knob. You will never please everyone 100%.''

While another said, ''I'm actually part of the me too movement, and a survivor. Personally I adore this song and have never been offended by it or freaked out by it. I do not believe it's about rape – it's a playful banter from a time when a woman would have been concerned people would think badly of her for staying, even if she wanted to.''

The song has been covered by may singers from Tom Jone and Cerys Mtathews, to Lady Gaga, Michael Bublé and Zoey Deschanel.

An updated version by musicians Lydia Liza and Josiah Lemanski was released a few years ago, giving the song an empowering message around consent. 

The new version contains lines like, “I’m hoping you get home safe”, and “you reserve the right to say no”.

So what do you think – the right decision or a choice too far?