Time to express yourself: 30 fall prompts for your journal this October!

Journaling is a super underrated form of mental health selfcare and mindfulness. It’s so rare we take quiet moments for ourselves anymore, that the thought of sitting down with just pen and paper and our thoughts can be intimidating to some people.

But opening up your mind on paper, even just for ten minutes here and there, can not only make your mind feel less full and cluttered, but also give you a better understanding of yourself, your values and beliefs. Journals are an opportunity to practice gratitude, to let go of that niggling thought that keeps you up at night and to appreciate and love all the things about yourself that make you unique.

A therapeutic and often fun activity, we’ve thrown together a few fall-themed journal prompts to get you started on your journal journey to self love!

Close-Up Photo Of Notebook With Pen

Describe your favourite fall smell

What does your perfect fall day look like?

Make a fall bucket list

Write about your favourite fall/Halloween childhood memory

List your favourite fall movies to watch

List ten things you’re thankful for right now

What is one small victory you’ve had recently?

What has changed about you since this time last year?

Write down a personal goal you want to achieve before the end of the year

Crop stylish woman taking notes in notebook

Describe your favourite fall treats

Describe the perfect fall outfits

List ten things you love about the season

What goals have you accomplished so far this year?

What are some selfcare things you can do this week?

Make an October moodboard

If you could be anywhere right now, where would you go and why?

Do you believe in ghosts?

What is your favourite of all the fall colours and why?

What things are you most afraid of? Make a list

Elderly Woman Writing Her Diary while Smiling

What was your favourite thing about autumn as a child?

Are you superstitious? About what?

Write about a friend your grateful for

What fall traditions do you or your family have?

What was your favourite costume for Halloween as a child? Why?

What’s something someone told you about yourself that you never forgot?

Fall feels like…?

What transitions are happening in your life right now?

What song reminds you of fall?

Write about a fall memory you never want to forget

Do you love or dread winter after fall? Why?

A Person Writing on a Journal