This women is travelling the world and lifting things with her vagina


Sometimes us women simply do not appreciate the pure wonder and splendour of our vaginas. 

Because they are actually pretty amazing. 

A life coach and sex expert is proving just that by travelling the world and lifting inanimate objects using just her vajayjay. Oh and she's posting all the evidence to Instagram

We kind of love it. 

Kim Anami uses a string attached to a jade egg (which is pretty much an exercise ball for the vagina) to pick up various objects.

She then inserts the egg into her downstairs area, makes a yoga like stance and snaps a pic for us all to enjoy. 

And she is not just lifting feathers people. 

Kim has scooped up items such as weights, a smoothie, a bunch of bananas and an actual fully sized surf board. 

Hon the vagina! 

Kim also makes pretty hilarious instructional videos on why you should exercise your vagina reguarly (we're talking increased libido and more intense orgasms). 

So yeah, get lifting ladies.