This woman can recite EVERY word of all seven Harry Potter books

It’s no secret that Harry Potter has some pretty hard core fans.

The books and films have combined to become the most successful franchise of all time and even though the last film came out six years ago, the hype has never really died down.

You may identify as a Harry Potter super-fan, but in reality, you’ve got nothing on this girl.

Rebecca Sharrock, from Queensland, Australia, has memorised every word to every book.


The 27-year-old is just one of 79 people worldwide to have a Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory (HSAM), giving her the ability to remember just about anything.

Back in 2015, Rebecca appeared on the Austalian TV show, 60 minutes, to have knowledge about the series tested.

She proceeded to shock viewers when the presenters asked her if she knew the opening line of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, chapter 17.

She then shocked viewers by proceeding to effortlessly recite the story word for word.

"Chapter 17 is the man with two faces, and it starts on "It was Quirrel. You? gasped Harry,"

…. And so on.

Rebecca has recently been back making headlines after she uploaded a blog post where she claims to remember being a newborn child.

She wrote: ‘’My earliest memory of which I can date is from when I was twelve days old. My parents carried me to the driver’s seat of the car (my father’s idea) and placed me down upon it for a photo.’’

"As a newborn child I was curious as to what the seat cover and steering wheel above me were. Though at that age I hadn't yet developed the ability to want to get up and explore what such curious objects could be."

According to Cosmopolitan, Rebecca is now working with a team of researchers the University of California, the University of Queensland, and the Queensland Brain Institute, in order to try to find out more about how her truly amazing memory works.