This security guard caught on camera will give you goosebumps


OK, we'll admit, we were pretty damn proud when we finally nailed Chopsticks after 32 piano lessons back in the nineties, so anyone who can tickle the ivories with genuine talent will always have our admiration.

So when we came across footage of a security guard deciding to spice up his shift by performing a stunning rendition of Giorni Dispari by Italian composer Ludovico Einaudi, our jaws dropped.

Unbeknownst to Omar Tsereteli, he was being filmed by an equally impressed tourist who happened across him in the National Library of Parliament and knew they had witnessed something particularly special.

Having reached over half a million views in just a couple of days, we're pretty sure Omar has a very interesting future ahead of him.

Check this out!

 And ladies? Prepare for goosebumps.