This is when we are most likely to give up our New Year’s resolutions

Did you make any resolutions at the beginning of 2020? Perhaps you vowed to exercise more or spend less time on your phone. We vowed to stop spending so much money on takeaway, but the temptation has got the better of us.

This weekend marks the moment when us Irish are most likely to throw in the towel on our New Year’s Resolutions and hit the booze and desserts according to 2019 order data from Deliveroo. The food delivery company analysed order data from last year to pinpoint the exact moment when willpower caves and orders of booze and sugary treats surge following weeks of discipline. 

When it comes to alcohol orders in Ireland, Deliveroo saw orders of Beer and Prosseco skyrocket by 107% in the month of December 2018 but demand dipped at the beginning of 2019 in light of the thousands of people who gave up alcohol in January.

Whilst two-thirds of people who attempt Dry January complete the challenge, two weeks, three days, seventeen hours and twenty eight minutes into the year seems to be as long as many of us can stand without a hard beverage. In 2019, Deliveroo data shows orders of booze made a significant jump on Friday 18th January at 17:28 as we fell short of our good intentions.

When looking at sugary and sweet treats, the exact time we saw people give into temptation struck at 18:17 on Sunday 20th January where orders of desserts, ice-cream and cakes begin to revive after temptation proved too much for some. 

Deliveroo has revealed the cities in Ireland with the least and best willpower when it comes to sugar and alcohol in January based on 2019 orders. Dublin had the least willpower with the highest percentage of orders in these categories in the month of January and Limerick showed the greatest resolve with the lowest percentage of orders.