This is what you need to cut from your budget to REALLY save money

So, we have barely reached mid-month, and let's call a spade a spade, most of us are already broke AF. 

Every month, we swear that we will be better, but we fall into the same traps. 

But a few significant changes come a long when it comes to your budget.

We have identified some key areas where a bit of an effort can really make a difference long term, without completely making you feel miserable.


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but your daily latte can cost you up to 750€ a year. That's basically a week of holiday or a designer bag.

While we understand it is pretty essential in your working life, sticking to buying your coffee only twice a week instead of five times can save you up to 400€ a year. 

Lunch food

Say you spend on average 8€ a day on lunch food; at the end of the year, it comes up to almost TWO GRANDS.

We are not going to list everything you can do with that money, you get the picture. But we can only advise you to try and bring your own food for lunch as often as possible. 

Struggling for inspiration? Just double the portions of dinner to have enough for lunch or click here or here to find tasty recipes.

Phone bills

Love your fancy phone? Of course, we all do, and we couldn't really imagine not owning a smartphone.

But once your contract is up, don't immediately go for the upgrade if your phone is still working well. Switch to prepaid and you can save up to 500€ a year!


We are not telling you to stop going on nights out, but just to have a quick think before you order.

A simple G&T should be no more than 7€, while the fancy cocktails for a few floating berries and flavoured syrups can go up to 12-15€. We'll let you make your own calculation of how much the difference can be over a night.


Instead of cinema and book store, think Netflix and library!

The price of one cinema ticket is usually the same as your Netflix monthly membership and library memberships are usually free.

So try to stick to the cheap night to go to the movie (it's usually Tuesday) and look for the closest library to start borrowing classic gems and new releases.