This is the special meaning behind Stacey Solomon’s daughter’s name


Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash have been taking their time choosing the perfect name for their baby girl, who was born just one week ago, on October 4, the same day as Stacey’s birthday.

However, taking to social media on Tuesday evening, Stacey has finally revealed the gorgeous name they went with — Rose Opal Esmé Solomon Swash.

“Our beautiful flower – Our precious jewel – who is ever loved. It’s been the most magical week. We love you to the moon and back our little Rose,” Stacey gushed in the Instagram caption alongside a beautiful photo of their baby girl dressed in a dusky pink onesie and laying on the bed with a pink rose laying beside her.

“We feel so so lucky to have you here… Thank you all for your loveliness, your kindness and just being there at 3am for a chat it’s been the best,” the mum-of-four lovingly concluded.

Going for a floral theme, the name Rose is of course derived from the elegant flower which we tend to see quite a lot around Valentine’s Day each year. Meanwhile, we absolutely adore the alliteration between Rose and Rex, the name of Stacey and Joe’s two-year-old son.

We can practically hear it now — Rose and Rex, soon-to-be best friends.


Her middle name, Opal, is derived from the gemstone, opal, which is also the birthstone for those born in the month of October. Quite fitting for Stacey and her darling daughter.

Lastly, the name Esmé is of French, Persian origins and means ‘beloved’, according to the popular baby names website, It can also be a derivative of the Spanish name, Esmerelda, which means emerald, another gorgeous gemstone.

Welcome to the world little Rose — we can’t wait to see what Rose and Rex get up to next!