Did you listen? THIS is how much Christmas FM made for charity

Whether you love Christmas, or dislike it, you will ALWAYS have a little bop to Christmas FM when it comes on in the car, especially when it's your fave festive tune.

And in the festive season just gone, Christmas FM made a lot of people happy, and not just the ones dancing along in the back seat.

The volunteer radio station made over a quarter of a million Euro in their fund raising efforts last year; nearly double of what it has made in years gone by. 

The stations nominated charity is Make-A-Wish Ireland, who received €265,000 this week.

Most of the money raised was made on 'Donation Day', where the radio DJs urged the public to donate what they can. On that day alone, the charity station made a massive €125,000.

“We are completely blown away by the generosity of our listeners this year with over €265,000 donated over the course of the campaign,” station co-founder Garvan Rigby said this week.