This guy was caught on camera seriously NEEDING icecream


We've all been there, haven't we?

We've sometimes craved a Cornetto so badly, we've found ourselves licking our lips and imagined getting to the delightful piece of chocolate hidden at the bottom of the cone.

Gawd, talk about the ice cream that just keeps on giving.

Anyway, what do we do when we find the purveyor of icecream is asleep at the till?

We either wake him up or we give up the dream and tell ourselves today is just not our day, right?


If you're anything like this mischievous chap who happened upon a sleeping store employee in Florida, you'll give the CCTV camera the finger, spit on the floor and then bust out of there with the ENTIRE fridge of ice cream.

And to think we've been using that old paying system for years like a bunch of chumps.