THIS gender are more likely to ask for their partner’s passwords

Relationships can be a minefield.

And what's that saying – if you don't have trust, you don't have anything?

So what do you think about couples knowing each others passwords?

Is it a breach of privacy? Should people be allowed to have some things that they keep to themselves?

Should couples need to have access to all areas of their other haves lives?

A study has been carried out to see the effect exchanging passwords with your partner can have on your relationship.

More than 1,000 people were surveyed about their password preferences and the finding were quite surprising tbh.

They found that it is men who are roughly two times more likely than women to be more trusting after sharing passwords with their significant other.
So women are more distrusting than men…

Other findings included 17% of men and 18% of women exchange passwords because they trust their partner won't use their accounts without their permission, yet over half of people said they read their partner’s texts or DMs without their knowledge.

More than HALF?

Guys, you need to start giving your bfs/gfs some credit…

Also, guys are 25% more likely to ask their partner for their passwords – not us girls.

It seems that social media is to blame for a lot of relationship troubles as the findings showed that almost one-third of couples have argued over a social media post and 12% have ended their relationship because of it.

Sound familiar?

Check out the full study here for more juicy stats.