Everyone is RAGING at this dad who copied his daughter’s selfies

Parents copying their child's social media photos is nothing new.

Many mothers and fathers have taken to their own social media pages to show them doing the same pose or wearing the same clothes as their younger beings, and honestly, we think it's all good fun.


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But the latest parent that's catched onto the trend is getting major backlash for it.

Chris Burr Martin, who is a comedian and podcaster over in the US has been copying his daughter, Cassie, for a few months now, and his following has doubled because of it.


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Looking at Instagram, Cassie is all for it, even sharing the photos on her own social media pages and posting pics with her dad reading books like I'm On The Internet, What Now?. However, people on Facebook have different ideas.

One FB user said under an article about the family, "I think the girl looks adorable and her father is mocking her instead of supporting her. It's not funny, this is kind of sad."


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However, on the other end, another person argued, "I think it's fun. Obviously they have had a 'talk' and she knows what he's doing so clearly there's some humour in all this."

Another backed up that point saying, "I think the both of them are awesome. They make a good father daughter team.

"The only laughing stock are the envious haters on either end. She's cool, he's hilarious, they're having fun."

Some people are very serious about their views, just look at the comments above. What side are you on?