We can’t cope! Check out this photo shoot inspired by The Notebook

This is Clemma and Sterling Elmore, and they have been happily married for an amazing 57 years.

Earlier this month, this gorgeous couple did a photo-shoot inspired by The Notebook, and it is literally too cute for words. 

The lovebirds did the photo-shoot for no specific reason, it was just something they wanted to do! 

According to the photographer, the Elmores were “a little nervous” at the beginning of their shoot, but they just fell right into love.”


"It was the most natural love I have ever photographed" the photographer went on to say. 

The beautiful couple spoke to ABC News about the key to a lasting marriage.

“We never fail to tell each other, probably 10 times a day, ‘I love you.’” 

I'm not crying, YOU ARE!