This could get awkward

Celebrity Big Brother contestants Casey Batchelor and Lee Ryan were the first to be evicted from the house, but they didn’t stray too far from camp.

Producers decided to add a twist to the story and sent the pair back into the house via a secret door. The hidden part of the house has been dubbed the bolt hole and allows Casey and Lee spy on their housemates.

The duo were voted out as if it was a normal eviction and had no clue what was in store for them.  Lee certainly wasn’t impressed with the change in plans and told Emma Willis: “I hate you lot.”

However it could be a bit of fun for the pair as they will be able to create mischief for the rest of the house while they look on.

Things will get a bit awkward on Friday though as they are set to return to the house. Not sure the others will be best pleased that they were being spied on.

Although, with millions of people already watching them, what’s another two?