This is the most embarrassing Valentine’s Day outfit EVER

The only thing that can ruin Valentine's Day for everyone involved is those smug sappy couples who post hundreds of pictures of their Valentine's date, which usually involves heinous acts like riding tandem bicycles and feeding each other while talking in baby voices.

This kind of behaviour is cringey AF, and we've spotted the ultimate ensemble that we think those loved-up saps would die to don.

Boohoo, €18.00

This jumper is literally as cringey as it gets.

First off, jumpers with arrows pointing to each other saying bae and boo are bad enough on their own, but to make it a conjoined jumper?

There is literally no escaping the cringe.

Boohoo €18.00

For couples who aren't a fan of red but still lust after a tandem straightjacket of love, there is a pink version which might actually be sappier than the first.

Complete with a smattering of V-Day hearts, the pink version reads "Bae My Valentine."

Why world, why?